Tarot Tells the Story

Note: This 5-week workshop builds on the foundations of Writing Through the Tarot.

Program description: In this 5-week fiction-writing workshop suitable for teens or adults, we will use the ancient wisdom of the Tarot cards as a tool to generate the first draft of an original short story.

Program outline: The Tarot has long been used as a divination tool, but did you know that it is also the secret weapon of many professional writers? We will explore the twenty-two basic archetypes found in the Tarot. We will learn how to read images to develop storyline, plot, and characters. We will use the element of chance to create plot twists and overcome writer’s block. This workshop is suitable for writers of all genres. It is not necessary to have prior experience of reading the Tarot.

  • Week 1 – Introduction to Tarot: Start reading the cards as a gateway to writing.
  • Week 2 – A Picture Paints a Thousand Words: Using images as portals to intuitive writing.
  • Week 3 – Shuffling the Deck: Bringing the element of chance into our stories.
  • Week 4 – Deepening the Plot: how to ask the right questions to access the heart of the story.
  • Week 5 – Taking it further: Share your finished draft with the group for constructive feedback.

Learning outcomes: You will learn to use the ancient Tarot as a tool for all stages of the creative writing process. You will complete and receive feedback on the finished draft of a short story.