Writing Through the Tarot

Note: This workshop is the introduction to Tarot Tells the Story, a 5-week program.

Program description: In this 2-hour workshop for writers of any genre, we will learn to start reading the ancient Tarot cards as a gateway to creative writing.

Program outline: The Tarot has long been used as a divination tool, but did you know that it is also the secret weapon of many professional writers? We will start to explore the twenty-two basic archetypes found in the Tarot, and use them as portals to intuitive writing. Each archetype may be said to represent a significant person, place, or event within the metaphorical narrative of the Fool’s Journey. We will learn how to read images to develop storyline, plot, and characters. We will use the element of chance to create plot twists and overcome writer’s block. No previous experience is required.

Learning outcomes: Participants will learn how to use the traditional Tarot divination system to guide their writing process. We will use the Tarot’s images and archetypes to generate fully imagined characters, setting and narrative. You will come away with new writing you can use as the basis for future projects, or to support an existing story.