First Drafts

Program description: This exploratory 2-hour workshop uses hybrid writing techniques to overcome blank-page jitters and encourage risk-taking.

Program outline: First drafts can be daunting. Using the techniques of list-making, collage, and erasure, we’ll sidestep the self-doubt and hesitation of our conscious minds and access our free, uninhibited, unconscious writing state. Our starting point will be old books, newspapers, and our own notebooks. We’ll cut up, remix, reframe and reimagine found materials. You’ll leave this workshop with brand new, explosive and inspired poetry and prose.

Learning outcomes: Hybrid and experimental creative writing techniques will ignite intuition and imagination. This hands-on workshop focuses on enjoyment of the creative process, and helps overcome common blocks to getting that first draft down on paper. You will come away with new writing in your chosen genre that may take you in an entirely unexpected direction.