Praise for Solitaires

by Sudeep Sen in Atlas O2: New Writing, Art, Image, 2007.

“Phoebe Tsang is a Chinese Canadian poet and musician. Her lyrical work and exquisite phrasemaking derives not only from her own talent as a writer but also from her profession as a violinist. The dozen poems assembled in this handmade chapbook are by turns delicate, moving and song-like. Take a look at the opening couplet of ‘John Perry Plays’: ‘Your fingers walk the black-and-white keyboard, / the weight of years sunken in each step.’ These lines are finely tuned and subtly crafted, full of natural rhythm and cadence. Another chapbook of hers is due this year, and I do hope she puts out a full-length collection soon. Tsang’s is beautiful and haunting poetry.”

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